Great News for Vegans on Slimming World!

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What’s Changed For Vegans On Slimming World?

Slimming World are constantly optimising the plan and syn values to ensure that members get the most from their membership by having the right information about foods

Recently, they have added more option to the plans Free Foods which should make it easier for vegans to enjoy the plan without as many limitations as before.

What Vegan Foods Are Now Free On Slimming World?

  • Dairy-free soya yoghurt, plain and unsweetened with added calcium
  • Canned Jackfruit
  • Seitan – plain and unsmoked

Vegan Healthy Extra ‘A’ Options

  • 40g Koko Dairy free alternative to Cheddar
  • 40g Daiya Medium Cheddar Style, Farmhouse Block

This is definitely a step in the right direction to help Vegans gets the most from the Slimming World plan.

If you have any questions about any recent changes to the plan please ask your consultant for further advice

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