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Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake

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Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake

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This delicious Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake is quick and easy to prepare. It combines chicken with hot sauce with pasta and then tops it with a creamy cheese topping. This will be a regular in your weekly meal plan.

Slimming World Friendly Buffalo Chicken Pasta With Creamy Cheesy Topping

Buffalo Chicken is a delicious American dish that includes chicken wings and drumsticks, which are deep-fried in a spicy hot sauce, butter, and, as you can see, a lot of calories.

My version of the dish is a pasta bake that has a creamy cheese topping. It’s a filling and satisfying meal.

Best Chicken Recipe for Buffalo Chicken

Traditional recipes call for wings, drumsticks, and skin. This pasta bake is best made with chicken thighs. They are tender and full of flavour and they don’t go soggy.

Chicken breast is also usable but we found that the thighs had a much better flavour and texture. You could also use turkey mince or chicken mince as an alternative.

What hot sauce is best to use with Buffalo Chicken?

That’s easy. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce is the best, but any hot sauce will work.

It should be readily available in the UK at all grocery stores. You can find stockists , but you can also buy any other brand of hot sauce. Some hot sauces are more spicy than others. You may need to taste a small amount at a time until you get the desired heat.

Heat adjustment

If you don’t like hot food, I suggest starting with less hot sauce taste. You can adjust the heat until you find the right level. For those who like spicy food, the same applies. If you wish, you can increase the heat.

A pinch of cayenne can be added to chicken when it is being cooked.

Cheese Topping for Pasta Bakes

The creamy topping is made with light cream cheese, stock, seasonings, and little starch. It adds a wonderful flavour to this pasta bake. Lightest Philadelphia cream cheese is my recommendation. Quark, which is completely different from cream cheese, will ruin the creamy topping.

I prefer to use a combination of mozzarella and cheddar for the melted cheese. Pre-grate your cheese instead of buying pre-grated as pre-grated cheese can sometimes not melt as well. This is because it has been coated with starch to keep it from sticking together.


Sides to Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake

This goes well with a simple salad. You can choose your favourite salad. I usually make the pasta bake in a large bowl that I place in the middle for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some suggestions:

Crisp Lettuce (Romaine or Iceberg) or Baby Leaves, if you prefer
Shredded red cabbage
Grated Carrot
Beets cooked
Red Onion

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