Aldi Slimming World Shopping List

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Aldi Slimming World Shopping List

Free Foods:

Aldi Turkey Breast Steaks
Aldi Turkey Mince
Aldi Ocean Rise Tuna Chunks in Brine
Aldi Oakhurst Marinated Chicken Breast, Garlic & Herb, frozen 4 pack
Almare Cod Fillets, Chilled
Almare Hot Smoked Salmon Fillets, Chilled
Aldi Murrays Peppered Beef Chunks, chilled (100g pack)
Alpenmark Bavarian Ham Slices
Alpenmark Bavarian Pork Loin Slices
Almare King Prawns, Chilled
Almare Salmon Fillets, Chilled
Almare Seafood Pesto Salmon with Mustard & Orange Sauce, Frozen
Almare Seafood Sticks, Chilled
Applebys Breaded Ham Joint, Chilled
Applebys Pastrami Slices, Chilled
Applebys Roast Topside of Beef Slices, Chilled
Appleby’s slow cook bbq pork fillet
Ashfield Farm Chicken Tikka Breast Slices, Chilled
Ashfield Farm Honey & Mustard Dry Cured Ham, Chilled
Ashfield Pork Loin Steaks, Chilled
Brannan‘s Chicken Tikka Breast Slices, Chilled
Brannan‘s Deli Style Chicken Slices, Chilled
Comeragh Sparkling Flavoured Water, All Varieties
Comeragh Still Flavoured Water, All Varieties
Everyday Essentials Gammon Round Steaks, Chilled
Four Seasons Black Forest Fruits, Frozen
Four Seasons Pineapple Chunks, Frozen
Four Seasons Summer Fruits, Frozen
Freshcure Extra Large Smoked Gammon joint, Chilled
Nature‘: Isle Irish Ham Fillet, Chilled
Oakhurst Garlic & Herb Chicken Breasts, Frozen
Optifit Fat Free Cherry Vogurt
Optifit Fat Free Forest Fruits Vogurt
Severn Vale Super Lean Minced Beef, Chilled
Specially Selected Cranberry & Orange Ham, Chilled
Specially Selected Roast Peppered Turkey, Chilled
The Cheese Emporium Cottage Cheese with Chives
The Cheese Emporium Natural Cottage Cheese
The Lake District Quark
Brooklea Fat Free Greek Style Lemon Yogurt
Brooklea Fat Free Greek Style Strawberry Yogurt
Duneen Low Fat Fruit Yogurts, Blackberry & Blackcurrant
Duneen Low Fat Fruit Yogurts, Peach & Nectarine
Duneen Low Fat Fruit Yogurts, Strawberry
Glenisk Greek Style Fat Free Yoghurts
Optifit Active Fat Free Yoghurts Cherry/Forest Fruits
Make in Minutes Cupshotz Noodle Snack, Chicken / Spicy / Chinese
Follow Slimming World Survival
Make in mins pasta & sauce chicken & mushroom
Oakhurst boneless chicken roasting joint
Quixo chicken stock cubes
Aldi Stores Sweet Harvest, Oriental Stir Fry Vegetables, canned
Aldi Quixo Stock Cubes

Low Syn

Aldi Bilash Chickpea Dahl, canned – 1.5 syn
Aldi Bilash Vegetable Curry, Chickpea Dahl in a Spicy Tomato & Onion Sauce (400g can) – 1 syn*
Aldi Specially Selected Orzo Pasta & Slow Roasted Tomatoes (215g pack) – 2 syns*
Aldi Hunters Stewed Steak 411g can (per 100g) – 1 Syn
Aldi Todays Special Sliced Beef in Gravy, frozen (210g pack) – 1.5 syns
Aldi Asia Specialities Pilau Rice, frozen (380g pack) – 2 syns
Aldi slow cooked beef brisket in red wine gravy, 400g – 1 syn
Aldi Beautifully Butterfully Light Spread – 1 syn per level teaspoon
Aldi Bramwells lighter than light mayonnaise – 0.5 syns per level teaspoon
Aldi Brooklea light fat free vanilla yoghurt with dark chocolate flakes (165g pot) – 0.5 syns
Aldi Be Light Coronation Tuna – canned 3 pack (per 80g can) – 1 syn
Aldi Simply Bistro Sweet and Sour Chicken with Basmati rice (400g pack) – 4 syns
Aldi make in minutes cheese and broccoli pasta sauce – 1.5 syns
Aldi Make in minutess savoury rice chicken – 0.5 syn for 100g
Aldi make in minutes cheese n brocoLli pasta sauce – 3.5 syns per pack
Aldi Stores Corale, Ravioli in Tomato Sauce, canned 400g can – 1 Syn
Aldi Northern Catch Thai salmon fishcakes with Chilli sauce, 180g – 4.5 syns
Aldi Northern Catch Salmon Fillets with Garlic & Herb Butter, frozen (112g each) – 3 syns
Applebys slow cook minted lamb shoulder – 2 syns per pack
Aldi Ashfield Farm Southern Fried Chicken Goujons, chilled 270g pack (30g each) – each 2 syns
Asia specialities chicken in chow mein – 4 syns
Aldi Oakhurst Chicken Kebabs, Tikka, frozen 4 pack (70g each) – 0.5 syns
Oakhurst red Thai mini chicken fillets (frozen) – 5 syns per pack
Oakhurst frozen chicken breast fillets – 1 syn per 100g
Oakhurst beef burgers 16 pack frozen – 3 syns each
Oakhurst gammon joint ham & muscavado – 0.5 syn per 100g
Oakhurst chicken breast joint with with Sage & Onion stuffing – 2.5 syns per 100g
Oakhurst pork shanks in peppercorn sauce Twin pack – Each shank 3 syns
Oakhurst sweet & sour pork shanks Twin pack frozen – Each shank 1.5 syns
The Cheese Emporium Cottage Cheese with Pineapple – 1 syn per 100g

Sweet stuff

Sweet freedom choc shot hot chocolate syrup – 0.5 syn per teaspoon
Aldi Giannis Milk Lollies (35ml each) – 3 syns each
Aldi Stores Ice Cream Cornets 21 pack – 0.5 syns each
Aldi Alcafe Hot Chocolate Light – Original or Mint – 2 syns per 10g sachet
Aldi Stores the pantry luxury meringue nests 8 pack – 2.5 syns each
Aldi Dreamy Bar (17g funsize) – 4 syns

Healthy B

Harvest Morn Bran Flakes – 40g
Harvest morn light benefit bars – 2
Aldi Harvest Morn Wheat Bisks (2)
Aldi Harvest Morn Bran Flakes (40g)
Aldi Harvest Morn Malt Wheaties Cereal 625g pack (35g)
Aldi Harvest Morn Fruit & Fibre Cereal 750g pack (35g)
Aldi Has No Wholegrain Rolls, Gluten Free (1 x 60g)
Aldi has no soda bread, unsliced – 50 g slice
Ballymore crust wholemeal thins low fat bread – 2 slices