Lidl Slimming World Shopping List

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Lidl Slimming World Shopping List

List Updated 28th February 2017!

The most complete list of products from Lidl with syn guide!

Lidl Sondey Yogurt Bars, Fruits of the Forest (18.5g slice)4
Lidl Tower Gate Milk Chocolate Arctic Biscuit Bars (25.3g bar)
Lidl Tenery Cheese Spread Triangles, Light 24 pack (16.7g each)1
Lidl Cutlers Premium Stewed Steak with Rich Gravy (411g can)2
Lidl Gelatelli Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches 10 pack (48g each)
Lidl Moordale Peppered Grilled Beefsteaks, chilled 4 pack (85g each)5
Lidl Crownfield Bixies Whole Wheat Biscuits 36 pack (2 biscuits)
Lidl Tenery Cheese Spread Triangles 24 pack (16.6g each)2
Lidl Butterfly Prawns in Sweet Chilli Sauce, frozen (250g pack)10½
Lidl Glenfield Premium Chicken Nuggets in Breadcrumbs, frozen (per 100g)
Lidl Newgate Pork Dinner with Roast Potatoes, frozen (400g pack)5
Lidl Milton Gate Cumberland Sausages, chilled 6 pack (67g each)6
Lidl Kanpur Garden Chicken Madras & Pilau Rice, chilled (450g pack)18½
Lidl Chef Select Quiche Lorraine, chilled 400g pack (100g serving)12½
Lidl Crusti Croc Butter Cheese Hearts 100g pack (25g serving)7
Lidl Northwood Chocolate Cheesecake Mini Bites 12 pack (20g each)
Lidl Trattoria Alfredo Lasagne Bolognese, chilled 1kg pack (500g serving)23½
Lidl El Tequito Chilli Con Carne Cooking Sauce (500g jar)13
Lidl Bellarom Finest Milk Chocolate Bar 200g bar (50g serving)14
Lidl Hazelmead Farm Pork Sausages, chilled 8 pack (57g each)
Lidl Newgate Roast Lamb Dinner with Potatoes, frozen (400g pack)
Lidl Firenze Black Forest Gateau, frozen 8 portion (per portion)14
Lidl Harvest Basket French Fries, frozen 1kg bag (per 100g)2
Lidl Milbona Fat Free Mint & Chocolate Sprinkles Yogurt (175g pot)½
Lidl Duc De Coeur Macarons, frozen 12 pack (10g each)2
Lidl Kania Tomato & Onion Pasta in Sauce (100g made up)
Lidl Vitasia Thai Noodles with Sweet & Sour Sauce (330g box)
Lidl Vitasia Thai Noodles with Green Curry Sauce (330g box)6
Lidl Chef Select Bacon, Leek & Cheese Chicken, chilled (200g each)
Lidl Gelatelli Almond Ice Cream Lolly 6 pack (90g each)15
Lidl Sondey Biscino, Milk Chocolate Butter Biscuits 125g pack (each)
Lidl Milbona L.Casei Yogurt Drink 4 pack (125g bottle)
Lidl Hazelmead Farm Wafer Thin Roast Chicken Slices (per 100g)3
Lidl Kanpur Garden Deluxe Cooking Sauce, Tikka Masala (350g jar)17½
Lidl Milbona Greek Style Low Fat Natural Yogurt (per 100g)
Lidl Newgate Bramley Apple Crumble, frozen 4 portion (per portion)14
Lidl Deluxe Amontillado Sherry Trifle, chilled 6 portion (per portion)11
Lidl Northwood Lemon Swirly Cup Cakes 4 pack (45g each)11
Lidl Fairglobe Dark Chocolate with Ghanaian Cocoa Beans (per square)
Lidl Meadow Fresh Houmous, Reduced Fat, chilled (1 level tbsp)2
Lidl Dulano Roast Ham Slices, Lightly Seasoned, chilled (per 100g)FREE
Lidl Snaktastic Lights Crinkle Cut Crisps, Ready Salted (25g bag)6
Lidl Snaktastic Lights Crinkle Cut Crisps, Salt & Vinegar (25g bag)6
Lidl Italiamo Pizza Quattro Formaggi, frozen 350g pack (175g serving)22
Lidl Tower Gate Chunky Chocolate Bars 6 pack (24g bar)
Lidl Sol & Mar Patatas Bravas, frozen 600g pack (150g serving)5
Lidl Deluxe Hand Cooked Crisps, Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar (25g)
Lidl Deluxe Steak & Stout Pie, frozen 500g pack (250g serving)37½
Lidl Batts Quick Marinade, Texan Style Hickory BBQ (64g sachet)
Lidl Milbona Yogurt Drink, Strawberry, chilled 750g bottle (250g serving)
Lidl Newgate Snack Shot Noodles, Spicy Sweet & Sour (67g pack)FREE
Lidl Connell Bakery Wholemeal Soda Bread 500g pack (46g slice)5
Lidl Connell Bakery Wholemeal Soda Bread 500g pack (1 slice)5he
Lidl Valley Spire Cottage Cheese with Onion & Chives (per 100g)FREE
Lidl Deluxe Outdoor Bred Pork Belly 1kg pack (100g serving)
Lidl Rathdaragh Mature White Cheddar Slices 10 pack (20g slice)4
Lidl Nixe Tuna Salad with Pasta, Mediterranean Style (220g can)
Lidl Scallops & Prawns in a Creamy Sauce, frozen (110g pot)3
Lidl Nixe Herring Fillets in a Tomato Sauce (200g can)7
Lidl Eridanous Lamb Souvlaki Shish Kebabs 4 pack (80g each)4
Lidl Eridanous Fruit Rolls with Figs & Raisins 120g pack (25g)
Lidl Warren & Sons Black Pudding, chilled 300g pack (per 100g)13½
Lidl Braemoor Chinese Chicken Thighs, frozen 1kg pack (per thigh)
Lidl Freeway Mexican Lime & Elderflower Sparkling Fruit Crush (per 100ml)FREE
Lidl Milbona Cheese Triangles, Light 24 pack (16.7g each)1
Lidl Sondey Fruitness Biscuit Slices, Forest Fruits (14.5g slice)3
Lidl Sondey Rice Cakes with Sea Salt 250g pack (each)8
Lidl Deluxe Mini Cheesecakes with Salted Caramel, frozen (110g each)21
Lidl Deluxe Hand Cooked Crisps, Stilton, Red Onion & Thyme (25g)
Lidl Tower Gate Breakout, Milk Chocolate Digestive Bars (19g bar)5
Lidl Deluxe Hand Cooked Crisps, Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream (25g)6
Lidl Snaktastic Ridge Cut Potato Crisps, Cheese & Onion (30g bag)
Lidl Snaktastic Ridge Cut Potato Crisps, Ready Salted (30g bag)8
Lidl Rowan Hill Bakery Fruited Teacakes 6 pack (73g each)10½
Lidl Harvest Basket Potato Wedges, frozen 750g pack (per 100g)3
Lidl Linessa Processed Cheese Slices, Light 10 pack (20g slice)2
Lidl Rowan Hill Bakery Fruit Loaf 400g loaf (1 slice)
Lidl Glenfield Marinated Turkey Fillets, frozen 4 pack (125g each)FREE
Lidl Glenfield Chicken Cordon Bleu, frozen 4 pack (125g each)7
Lidl Kanpur Garden Chicken Korma & Pilau Rice, frozen (400g pack)24
Lidl Kanpur Garden Bombay Potatoes, chilled 300g pack (per 100g)
Lidl Kanpur Garden Chicken Vindaloo & Pilau Rice, chilled (450g pack)17
Lidl Northwood Chocolate Swirly Cup Cakes 4 pack (45g each)10½
Lidl Moordale Ultimate Beef Burgers, frozen 4 pack (170g each)14½
Lidl Deluxe Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake, frozen 6 portion (per portion)16
Lidl Kania Chicken & Mushroom Pasta in Sauce (100g made up)1
Lidl Combino Tomato Pasta Sauce with Onion & Garlic (500g jar)14
Lidl Manor House Steak Pie, frozen 700g pack (175g serving)22
Lidl Crusti Croc Ready Salted Crisps 6 pack (25g bag)7
Lidl Deluxe Hand Cooked Crisps, Mature Cheddar & Red Onion (25g)6
Lidl Greek Style Creamy Natural Yogurt with Strawberry (125g pot)
Lidl Oatilicious Oh So Easy Oats, Maple Syrup (48g pot)
Lidl Deluxe Golden Syrup Sponge Pudding 200g pack (100g serving)18½
Lidl Mister Choc Candy Minis 20 pack (17.5g bar)4
Lidl Snaktastic Lights Crinkle Cut Crisps, Cheese & Onion (25g bag)6
Lidl Partytime Garlic Bread Slices, frozen 10 pack (per slice)5
Lidl Gelatelli Space Runners Ice Lollies 10 pack (60g each)2
Lidl Freshona Roasted Red Peppers in Sweetened Vinegar (per 100g)FREE
Lidl Newgate Instant Couscous, Hot & Spicy, excluding butter (100g pack)2
Lidl Italiamo Italian Style Meatballs, chilled 12 pack (28g each)1