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it’s finally stopped snowing (for now…) and we’ve lost an hour out of the day, so it must time for some ice cream!


Shopping Essentials Top Picks provides you with even more information about a product that we’ve included in our very popular Slimming World Shopping Essentials list, published every Friday.

Haven’t We Heard About Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria Before?

Those eagle-eyed Pinch Of Nom fans amongst you will have noticed that back in February we published the news that Ben & Jerry’s were to launch a new low calorie ice cream to the US market.

We told you back in February that Ben & Jerry’s were due to launch Moophoria in the US… now it’s in the UK!

At the time of writing, we weren’t too sure when Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria would take the leap over the ocean and grace the freezer aisles of UK supermarkets, but now we can reveal that the moment is here!

What Flavours Does Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria Come In?

Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria is being launched in the UK in two exciting flavours, Chocolate Cookie Dough and Caramel Cookie Fix.


With Ben & Jerry’s being renowned for their Cookie Dough ice cream we’re hoping that they can recreate the delicious flavour in their new lower calorie range.

Caramel Cookie Fix is a brand new flavour that isn’t available as a ‘full fat’ version from Ben & Jerry’s. It promises ‘Vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel swirl & shortbread cookies’, which sounds pretty good to us!

How Many Syns is Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria?

This is the important and brilliant selling point that will appeal to Slimming World members up and down the country who have missed their Ben & Jerry’s fix!


Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria in both Chocolate Cookie Dough and Caramel Cookie Fix comes in at 6.5 Syns per 61g (100ml).

This is clearly a higher Syn food product, but eaten responsibly and making sure that you allow enough Syns in a day for it, you could easily allow 200ml of Ben & Jerry’s and still have a couple of Syns left!

Where Can I Buy Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria?

Both flavours of Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria is on sale at Sainsbury’s, priced at £4.60 for a 500ml tub.


At the time of writing, we’re only aware of Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria being available at Sainsbury’s, but it’s well worth searching for it wherever you shop. Let us know if you find it anywhere else!

Are There Any Other Low Calorie Ice Creams Available?

There certainly are. We’ve bought you many articles about Halo Top ice cream taking the freezer aisles and Slimming World members by storm!

Halo Top comes in many flavours and can sometimes be found at a reduced price. Right now it’s actually reduced by £1.50 to just £3.50 a tub in Tesco, but only until Monday 2nd April so be quick! Check our our news article for more information.

Halo Top is currently reduced in price at Tesco, but only until Monday 2nd April!

We have just the article for you to show you our top low calorie ice creams available in the supermarkets!

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