Morrisons Slimming World Shopping List

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Morrisons Slimming World Shopping List

Free Foods

Morrisons Natural Cottage Cheese virtually Fat free
Morrisons nume greek style fat free yoghurt
Morrisons new potatoes in salted water, canned
Morrisons Nume Cottage Cheese with Chive and Onion
Morrisons Stir Fry Vegetables – Canned
Morrisons Tropical Crush Drink, no added sugar
Morrisons instant mash, 80G
Garlic & Herb Chicken Mini Fillets, Chilled
Ginger, Chilli & Coriander King Prawns, Chilled
Morrisons Kitchen Bacon Loin with Parsley Sauce, Chilled
Morrisons summer fruit mix / black forest fruit mix, frozen
Kitchen Salmon with a Soy, Honey & Ginger Glaze, Chilled
Kitchen Shin of Beef Casserole, Chilled
Lamb Steaks with Pea & Mint Crumb, Chilled
NuMe Cottage Cheese with Chive & Onion
NuMe Fat Free Natural Yoghurt
NuMe Fruits of the Forest Yoghurt
NuMe Mackerel Fillets with Tomato and Red Pepper Dressing, Chilled
NuMe Morrocan Spiced Salmon, Chilled
Peppered Beef Slices, Chilled
Signature Applewood Smoked Scottish Salmon, Chilled
Signature Lamb Shanks with Red Currant Gravy & Roasted Vegetables
Sliced Beef in Gravy, Frozen
Turkey Breast Slices, Chilled

Low Syn

NUME reduced fat butchers style sausages (Pork or cumberland) – 1 syn each
Morrisons mini potato waffles, each 0.5 syns
Morrisons indian takeaway bombay potato, 225g pack 4.5 syns
Morrisons potato, carrot and swede mash, half pack 1.5 syns
Eat Smart Bars:

  • Blueberry & Cream – 3.5 syns
  • Chewy Choc Brownie – 3.5 syns
  • Chewy Cranberry –  4.5 syns
  • Chewy Strawberry cheesecake  – 3.5 syns
  • Toffee Apple – 4.5
  • Toffee Breakfast – 3.5 

Morrisons Signature Mini All Butter Pastry Cases 9 pack 2.5 syns each
Morrisons beef ravioli in tomato sauce, canned – 1.5 syns
Morrisons beef grillsteaks, frozen 4 pack, 3.5 syns each
Nume Dried apple/ carrot / beetroot crisps – 2.5 syns per bag
Morrisons kitchen indian takeaway poppadoms, plain, 2 syns each
Morrisons kitchen red pepper and sundried tomato pasta, 400g – 5 syns
NuMe melba toast, 20G – 4 syns
NuMe Chicken Dinner, 375g pack – 4.5 syns
Nume braised beef with mash, chilled 400g – 5 syns
Morrisons beef stew and dumplings (400g can) 3.5 syns
Morrisons fresh ideas Pepperoni chicken, each 3 syns
Morrisons fresh ideas cajun chickem, chilled 2 syns each
Morrisons fresh ideas hunters chicken, chilled 215g each 4.5 syns
Morrisons kitchen taste of home, slow cooked lamb shank in mint gravy,400g – 1.5 syns
Morrisons kitchen taste of home, slow cooked lamb shank in red wine and rosemary gravy, 1 syn
Morrisons kitchen taste of home, minced beef and potatoes, 400G 4 syns
Morrisons herby baby potatoes, chilled 360G pack, 2 syns
Morrisons rogan josh lamb shanks, chilled 400g, 1.5 syns
Morrisons kitchen tastes of ome braised steak and mash, 250g 4 syns
Morrisons BBQ chicken pasta salad, 350G, 3 syns
Morrisons Slow cooked bbq style beef brisket, chiled 359G pack, 3 syns
NuMe Creamy Mushroom Pasta, 350g pack – Chilled 3 syns
NuMe Five Bean Casserole, 400g pack ~ Frozen 3 syns
NuMe Moussaka – 375G pack – 1.5 syns
NuMe King Prawn & Coconut Noodles, 350g pack – Frozen 4 syns
NuMe Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodles, 350g pack – Frozen 4.5 syns
NuMe Salmon, Sweet Potato & Broccoli Fishcakes, twin pack 140g each – Frozen 4.5 syns
NuMe Chicken in Tomato & Basil Sauce with Roast Potatoes, 375g pack – Chilled – 5syns
NuMe Beef in Ale with Mash, 375g pack – Chilled 6 syns
NuMe Chicken Breast in Red Wine Sauce with Herby Garlic Potatoes, 375g pack – Chilled 5.5 syns
NuMe Chicken Tikka Masala & Rice, 400 pack – Frozen 6 syns
NuMe Minced Beef & Potatoes, 350g pack – Chilled 6 syns
Nume paella, chilled 380G – 5.5 syns
M Savers Chocolate Cake Bars – 1 bar 5.5 syns
M Savers Fruit Cereal Bars – 1 bar 4 syns
M Savers Chocolate Chip and nut bars – 1 bar 4.5 syns
M Savers Chocolate Mousse – 60g pot – 5 syns
Nume dairy aerosol cream, 20g serving 2 syns
Kershaws homestyle chicken dinner, 400G frozen 4 syns
Kershaws homestyle lamb dinner, 400g frozen 3 syns
Kershaws homestyle beef dinner 5.5 syns
Morrisons nume blue cheese dressing, 1 level teaspoon 0.5 syns

Morrisons micro-rice pouches

Basmati – 1 syn
Pilau – 4 syns
Long Grain – 1.5
Mexican – 1.5
Egg Fried – 4.5
Thai Jasmine – 3.5

Healthy A

Eatlean Protein Cheese – 70G
NuMe cheese slices 10 pack (3 x 20G)
Morrisons soya milk, sweeterned 300ml
Morrisons soya milk, unsweetened 500ml
Morrisons soya milk, sweetened long life 250ml

Healthy B

M Savers Muesli – 30g
M Savers wheat biscuits x 2
Morrisons nume chewy cereal bars, chocolate and fudge/Cranberry x 2
Morrisons fantastic fibre cereal, 40G
Morrisons might malties, 35G
Morrisons puffed wheat cereal, 35G
Morrisons mini blueberry mini wheats, 35G
Morrisons mini apricot wheats, 35G
Morrisons kitchen creamy vegetable soup, chilled (300g Serving)
Morrisons nume mexican spiced chicken and bean soup, (200G serving)
Morrisons nume chickpea and spinach soup, 200G serving
Morrisons chunky beef and vegetable soup (200G serving)