ASDA Slimming World Shopping List

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ASDA Slimming World Shopping List
ASDA Stock CubesFREE
ASDA Italian Chicken Lasagne, Chilled 400g16
ASDA Chicken Tikka Masala, Chilled 450g20.5
ASDA Chicken & Sweetcorn Pasta Salad, Per 100g6.5
ASDA Smart Price Chicken Soup, 400g Can6.5
ASDA Chinese Chicken Curry, Chilled 450g8.5
ASDA Casserole Mix, Chicken Chasseur 68g sachet12
ASDA Cooking Sauce, Butter Chicken 495g31
ASDA Extra Special Chicken Gravy, 340g9.5
ASDA Chicken Noodle Soup, Chilled (600g Pot)10
ASDA Rotisserie BBQ Chicken Drumsticks (Per 100g)2
ASDA Chinese Chicken Drumsticks, Chilled (480g Pack)10
ASDA Chicken Chow Mein, Chilled (410g Pack)5
ASDA Spicy Mexican Chicken Salad (295g Pack)6.5
ASDA Cooking Sauce, Hunters Chicken (515g Jar)15.5
ASDA Peri Peri Chicken Soup (400g Can)7.5
ASDA Chicken & Vegetable Broth, Chilled (600g Pot)13.5
ASDA Chicken & Bacon Slices, Chilled (150g Each)19
ASDA Comforting Chicken Hotpot, Chilled (400g Pack)8
ASDA Chicken Satay Noodles, Chilled (410g Pack)7.5
ASDA Roast Chicken Legs, Chilled (325g Pack)6.5
ASDA Smart Price Chicken Paste (25g)2.5
ASDA Chicken Fajita Wrap (Per Pack)19.5
ASDA Chicken Korma, Chilled (400g Pack)17.5
ASDA Chicken Hotpot, Frozen (400g Pack)9.5
ASDA Chicken Bhuna, Chilled (400g Pack)12
ASDA Chicken Vindaloo, Chilled (400g Pack)8
ASDA Chicken Madras, Chilled (400g Pack)10.5
ASDA Chicken Balti, Chilled (400g Pack)7
ASDA Chicken Biryani, Chilled (400g Pack)15.5
ASDA Chicken & Chorizo Pate, Chilled (25g)4
ASDA Stock Pots, Chicken (24g Pot)FREE
ASDA Indian Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice, Frozen (400g Pack)12.5
ASDA Vegetarian Chicken Style Casserole with Dumplings, Chilled (400g Pack)11.5
ASDA Extra Special Roast Chicken Stock, Concentrated, Chilled (250g Pouch)FREE
ASDA Chefs Special Chunky Chicken & Vegetable Soup, Canned (400g Can)8
ASDA Chosen By You Classic Mug Soup, Chicken (28g Sachet)6
ASDA Chicken Tikka Bitesize Pasties Chilled (30g Each)5
ASDA Breaded Mini Chicken Fillets, Chilled (153g Serving)10.5
ASDA Chosen By You Chicken Curry Bakes, Frozen17
ASDA Southern Fried Chicken Goujons, Chilled (180g Serving)15.5
ASDA Good & Counted Chicken, Tomato & Basil Pasta, Frozen (350g Pack)3
ASDA Good & Counted Chinese Chicken Curry & Rice, Frozen (350g Pack)4.5
ASDA Butchers Selection Classic Barbecue Pulled Chicken, Chilled (505g Pack)4
ASDA Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets, Frozen (100g Each)5
ASDA Tandoori Chicken Thighs, Ready To Eat Chilled (540g Pack)14
ASDA Taste of America Buffalo Chicken Wings, Chilled (375g Pack)11.5
ASDA Hot Chicken Tikka with Pilau Rice (450g Pack)15
ASDA Butchers Selection Chicken Tikka Breast Steaks, Chilled (127g each)0.5


Healthy B Choice

Chosen by You, Caramel Popcorn Cereal 30g
Chosen by you Wholemeal Bread Mix 60g
Asda Wholemeal Sandwich Bap (one) 
Good and counted three bean soup 200G
Good and counted crispbread (all varieties) – two

Healthy A Choice

Koko Dairy Free chocolate drink (225ml)
Chosen By You Grana Padano Cheese (30g)
Asda Extra Special Gouda (25g)
Chosen By You Feta (45g)
Asda Smart Price Red Leicester Cheese (25g)
Chosen by you double Gloucester Cheese (30g)


Low Syn

Asda Sunflower Light Spread (1 level teaspoon) 1 syn
Asda chosen by you chickpea dahl, 400g Can 2 syns
Asda chosen by you beef stew, canned 4 syns
Asda chosen by you beef Bourgignon, canned 3 syns
Asda Good and Balanced Mediterranean Vegetables with Cherry Tomatoes 125g, 1.5syns
Asda Olive Spread (1 level teaspoon) 1 syn
Good and counted shepherds pie rosti, 1 syn
Chosen By You Milk Chocolate Buttons (15g) 4 syns
Asda Free From Rice Cakes, Milk Chocolate, One 4 syns
Asda Free From Rice Cakes, Slightly Salted, One 4 syns
Chosen by you Vitality Chocolate Cereal Bars, 4 syns per 20g bar
Chosen by you savoury rice, Golden Vegetable, 120g pack 2 syns
Chosen by you savoury rice, Curry, 120g pack 2 syns
Chosen by you savoury rice, Chicken and Sweetcorn 120g pack 2 syns
Chosen by you chilled spicy potato wedges, 3.5syns for half pack or 300g
Chosen by you lamb tagine, canned 1.5 syns
Chosen by you lamb bhuna, canned 2 syns
Chosen by you mini lamb hotpot, chilled 2.5 syns per pack
Chosen by you lamb shanks in minted gravy, chilled – 2 syns per pack
Asda butchers selection minted lamb burgers, chilled 2 pack, 2 syns each
ASda chefs special kahmiri lamb rogan josh, canned, 2.5 syns
Asda minted lamb quarter pounders, frozen 4 pack, 2 syns each
Asda 2% Smart Price Lager, one can 3 syns
Asda Smart Price Choc and Nut Muesli Bars, 5 syns
Asda butchers selection bourbon beef brisket, 200g or half a pack 5 syns
Chosen by you sliced beef in gravy, per pack 1.5 syns
Asda butchers selection beef joint in onion gravy, 100g 1.5 syns
Asda good and counted shepherds pie rosti, 1.5 syns per pack
Chosen by you sweet chilli turkey burgers – 2 syns each