Sweets & Treats

Comments Off on Sweets & Treats | February 7, 2017

What makes Slimming World the perfect slimming plan is that nothing is off-plan…within reason. If you just fancy some chocolate, go ahead. As long as you syn it and keep within your syn allowance.

The daily syn allowance is 5-15 syns and per week it works out at 105 syns. The recommended way for syns is to use them daily as it helps with changing cravings. For some people who know they have an event coming up or like to have a blowout at the weekend you can save your syns and use them in one go, although this is not advised as you may feel deprived on the other days.

So, we have decided to try and help you find the best sweets and treats for your syns, Check out our list below, we will keep this updated as often as possible.